No. 16 Edith
Honeysuckle and Vetiver

Sweet, delicate floral notes balanced perfectly with a warm, earthy base.
. . . . .

Hailing from New England, this svelte blondette is charming, sophisticated, and an accomplished pianist. She loves accompanying the other girls as they sing. Edith is kind and generous, but don’t dare try to take advantage. She’s got a quick temper and won’t hesitate to pull the derringer from her boot.

. . . . .

Blended carefully by hand in small batches.
10 ml (.33 oz) screenprinted clear glass roller bottle.
Packaged in a gorgeous, sturdy cardboard tube.

No. 16 Edith • Honeysuckle and Vetiver

  • Fractionated Coconut Oil, Proprietary Fragrance Blend